yaInChI: Modified InChI string scheme for line notation of chemical structures

A modified InChI (International Chemical Identifier) string scheme, yaInChI (yet another InChI), is suggested as a method for including the structural information of a given molecule, making it straightforward and more easily readable. The yaInChI theme is applicable for checking the structural identity with higher sensitivity and generating three-dimensional (3-D) structures from the one-dimensional (1-D) string with less ambiguity than the general InChI method. The modifications to yaInChI provide non-rotatable single bonds, stereochemistry of organometallic compounds, allene and cumulene, and parity of atoms with a lone pair. Additionally, yaInChI better preserves the original information of the given input file (SDF) using the protonation information, hydrogen count +1, and original bond type, which are not considered or restrictively considered in InChI and SMILES. When yaInChI is used to perform a duplication check on a 3D chemical structure database, Ligand.Info, it shows more discriminating power than InChI. The structural information provided by yaInChI is in a compact format, making it a promising solution for handling large chemical structure databases.

Keywords: line notationduplication checkInChIchemical databaseSMILES
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Author(s) Y.S. Cho, K.T. No, K.-H. Cho
DOI https://doi.org/10.1080/1062936X.2012.657677
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Date Published April 2, 2012
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