InChI Board

InChI Trust – Board of Directors

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Ray Boucher

Publishing Director at John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member

Ian Bruno

Director of Data Initiatives at CCDC - The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member; Working Groups

Pieder Caduff

RELX Intellectual Properties SA Senior Manager Enabling Technologies & Innovation, Elsevier Science
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member

Richard Hartshorn

Secretary General at International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
InChI: Board Member; Working Group Lead; Working Groups

Sonja Herres-Pawlis

Professor, Chair of Bioinorganic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University
InChI: Board Member

Richard Kidd

Head of Chemistry Data at Royal Society of Chemistry
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member

Steffen Pauly

Editorial Director at Springer Nature
InChI: Board Member

Adam Sanford

Director - Product Management at CAS
InChI: Board Member