Our Tribute To Igor Vladimirovich Pletnev

Igor Vladimirovich Pletnev

In Memoriam

Igor Pletnev was the developer and caretaker of the InChI software and related tools that make up InChI which is being used daily by thousands of chemists around the world. Igor contributed to InChI and its components for 15 years, first at NIST and then at the InChI Trust where made many great contributions to the InChI project. He kept the software running while fixing computer bugs and adding many, many valuable features to the software over the years.  He made many valuable contributions to the algorithm that have increased its usage and value to the world-wide chemistry community.  His knowledge of both chemistry and computer programming made him a unique person to carry out all these tasks while interacting  with chemists around the world on an almost daily basis. While there were many demands on his work efforts with the InChI algorithm, Igor always was calm and friendly to all and got everything done to the satisfaction of all involved. Igor was a true professional at all times. He will be missed and dearly remembered for all of his outstanding work.

From all of us at InChI Trust and the global community of InChI developers and users