Predicting biochemical and physiological effects of natural products from molecular structures using machine learning

Junhyeok Jeon, Seongmo Kang, Hyun Uk Kim
Natural Product Reports,38, Issue 11, 1954-1966, 2021.
Drug Discovery Published: (Mar/2021)

Discovery of novel natural products has been greatly facilitated by advances in genome sequencing, genome mining and analytical techniques. As a result, the volume of data for natural products has increased over the years, which started to serve as ingredients for developing machine learning models. In the past few years, a number of machine learning models have been developed to examine various aspects of a molecule by effectively processing its molecular structure. Understanding of the biological effects of natural products can benefit from such machine learning approaches. In this context, this Highlight reviews recent studies on machine learning models developed to infer various biological effects of molecules. A particular attention is paid to molecular featurization, or computational representation of a molecular structure, which is an essential process during the development of a machine learning model. Technical challenges associated with the use of machine learning for natural products are further discussed.

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