Acyl-CoA Identification in Mouse Liver Samples Using the In Silico CoA-Blast Tandem Mass Spectral Library

U Keshet, T Kind, X Lu, S Devi, O Fiehn
Anal. Chem. 2022, 94, 6, 2732–2739
Drug Discovery Published: (Feb/2022)

Acyl-coenzyme A derivatives (acyl-CoAs) are core molecules in the fatty acid and energy metabolism across all species. However, in vivo, many other carboxylic acids can form xenobiotic acyl-CoA esters, including drugs. More than 2467 acyl-CoAs are known from the published literature. In addition, more than 300 acyl-CoAs are covered in pathway databases, but as of October 2020, only 53 experimental acyl-CoA tandem mass spectra are present in NIST20 and MoNA libraries to enable …

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