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The InChI OER is an Open Education Resource (OER) devoted to the use of InChI, the International Chemical Identifier.  Chemical nomenclature underpins chemical communication and with its release in 2005, the InChI initiative of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) supports the advancement of chemical nomenclature into the digital age.   InChI is evolving to handle reactions, mixtures and other needs of 21st century scientific communication, and yet there is little educational material available on the use of InChI.  This OER initiative, IUPAC project 2018-012-3-024, is being created to provide a resource on InChI related resources to assist practicing scientists and educators in learning about and benefiting from the use of InChI.

This resource contains a tag taxonomy-based filter that defaults to Open Access content, which can be further refined by clicking multiple tags.  Each post has a short description and an information box that include various download options.  OER posts include educational content that has been uploaded to the site along with open access off site content. All material uploaded to this site is open access, and by clicking “non OER” content you can extend the filter to include information on off-site non open access material. The following YouTube video shows how to use the tag taxonomy filter to find material within the InChI OER.




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Please contact Bob Belford, if you have open access material you would like to contribute, suggestions on how to improve this site, or wish to become involved with this project.

“… we cannot improve the language of any science without at the same time improving the science itself; neither can we, on the other hand, improve a science, without improving the language or nomenclature which belongs to it”

Lavoisier’s Preface to Traité Elémentaire de Chimie
translation by Robert Kerr (Edinburgh, 1790)