InChI Trust Membership

InChI Trust Membership Program

InChI Trust has created a Membership Program that includes special benefits for Members at a membership fee.  Membership in the InChI Trust helps support, shape and direct the Trust’s ongoing development and maintenance of the InChI algorithm.  All fees are used solely to support the Trust’s Membership Program.  Members of the InChI Trust have the following benefits:

  • Attendance at Trust strategy meetings to discuss the direction and management of the InChI Trust, including the appointment of the Board of Directors.
  • Progress of any InChI code enhancements. Advice on implementations in the code.
  • For vendors, inclusion in the register of InChI-accredited implementers at no additional charge (provided the organization meets compliance requirements).
  • Complimentary copy of InChI Certification Suite.

The membership fees are used by the Trust for administrative costs and support and maintenance of the InChI software including code management, release management, periodic InChI symposia and communications including the website and download sites.  With a dozen working groups extending InChI to new areas of chemistry, there are also now cases where we will need to support some paid software development for integrations across areas (like stereochemistry or tautomers).  These may also require some extensions due to other new areas under development.

How to Become an InChI Trust Member

The InChI Trust is funded by member dues. The fee structure is based on the type of organization or for companies, their size and annual turnover.

Organization TypeRevenue (companies)Annual Fee
Small CompanyLess than $500,000$1,000
Medium CompanyUp to $5 million$5,000
Large CompanyOver $5 million$25,000

Organizations applying for membership will generally use InChIs or InChIKeys in their chemical information systems.  In an organization with multiple divisions, the largest legal entity is considered the InChI Trust member and all divisions may use InChI and are subject to the terms  of the InChI Trust Membership Agreement.

The InChI Trust Member Benefits

Members of the InChI Trust will be acknowledged on our website and any public presentations given by Trust staff.  In addition, Members will have the option to contribute content for the Membership pages on the website.  We will work with any Members who want to issue joint press releases on our partnership including any project activities.

InChI Trust Members may also participate in events that the Trust sponsors or participates in each year.  At our events, Members may interact with attendees either at various event activities or in special sessions the Member creates.  The Trust will provide attendee lists and contact information.

Members will receive for each event:

  • Recognition on the Trust website and at other Trust activities
  • A dedicated table to use for literature, demo PC or other use
  • A short time slot for a presentation at the Symposium during the first day
  • No cost attendance at any Trust event if there is a fee

InChI Membership – Next Steps

To become a Member, you will need to sign a Membership Agreement and pay the Membership fee if there is one for your organization. Someone from the InChI will contact you and further discuss the requirements for becoming a Member and agree on the steps required to complete your Membership. You will be invoiced by the Trust if there is a Membership fee for your organization.

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