Comprehensive curation and analysis of fungal biosynthetic gene clusters of published natural products


Yong Fuga Li, Kathleen J.S. Tsai, Colin J.B. Harvey, James Jian Li, Beatrice E. Ary, Erin E. Berlew, Brenna L. Boehman, David M. Findley, Alexandra G. Friant, Christopher A. Gardner, Michael P. Gould, Jae H. Ha, Brenna K. Lilley, Emily L. McKinstry, Saadia Nawal, Robert C. Parry, Kristina W. Rothchild, Samantha D. Silbert, Michael D. Tentilucci, Alana M. Thurston, Rebecca B. Wai, Yongjin Yoon, Raeka S. Aiyar, Marnix H. Medema, Maureen E. Hillenmeyer and Louise K. Charkoudian.
Science Direct. 2016 Published online 22 January 2016.